Out of the house? Use the BBC iPlayer for Formula One.

Despite the fact that Sunday should be a day of leisure, there are often times where duty calls and we find ourselves out of the house and in the office, beavering away on whatever incredibly important disaster or emergency has required us to cut our weekends short. However that doesn't necessarily mean that you need to miss out on the Grand Prix, far from it in fact. Instead you'll simply need to log into the BBC's website and check out their excellent iPlayer in order to watch the race

Using the BBC iPlayer for Formula One coverage couldn't be easier. Simply point your browser in the direction of bbc.co/uk/iplayer/tv and select the channel you want to watch live. Your browser will load up the player and the relevant page and you'll be able to sit back and enjoy the trials and tribulations of the latest high octane Formula One race.

Unfortunately, the BBC iPlayer won't work for those of you who find yourselves abroad for the weekend. Due to various licensing regulations and assorted red tape, the BBC only hold the rights to show their Formula One coverage within Britain, so unless you're the techy sort who knows their way around a proxy server or VPN, you're going to be bang out of luck.

If you're out and about, but not near a computer, you'll be able to use the BBC iPlayer on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch - making those weekly forrays out to the shops with your better half a little bit more tolerable. However we won't be responsible for the result should she notice you paying more attention to your phone than to the dreadful furniture she has her eye on!

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