Beat the Congestion Charge

We all know that the rules of London’s Congestion Charge have been revised to encourage drivers to think green. Now, all Euro-5 compliant vehicles that emit under 100 grams of Co2 per km are exempt from the charge. It was only a matter of time before car makers took advantage of this, and now Vauxhall is offering eight models that are eligible for free entry to the congestion zone.

According to the company’s press release, the new range are a matter of Corsa.

It states: Driving a sub-100g/km car like the Corsa will also save you even more in Congestion Charge than before, since from today the fee rises to £12 if paid by midnight on the charging day after travel or £10 if paid in advance or on the day of travel, meaning that drivers commuting in to the zone on a daily basis could pay as much as £60 per week.

As well as the Corsa 1.3 CDTi ecoFlex Start/Stop three-door S model, which emits 94 grams of CO2 per km., Vauxhall are offering seven more sub-100g/km Corsa ecoFlex vehicles, all coming with three or five doors and emitting less than 95 g/km.

‘We’re committed to offering our customers the most efficient and economical cars in the UK,’ said Duncan Aldred, Vauxhall’s Managing Director. ‘Not only do our Corsa ecoFLEX models ease the pain of ever increasing fuel costs, but some models are now set to save London commuters even more expense. We also welcome Boris Johnson’s announcement that electric vehicles will be eligible for GVD, which will include our Ampera E-REV when it goes on sale in early 2012.’

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