Benedict Radcliffe, Wireframe Installation Art

From the Subaru Impreza P1, to the Toyota Corolla, and recently even the Lamborghini Countach, Benedict Radcliffe’s steel piping sculptures are amazingly accurate and even has quirky details like the Pirelli brand spelled out like wireframe on the wheels of the Countach sculpture.

As head of experiential design at Glasgow consultancy, Stand, Radcliffe’s work combines engineering and sculpture with graphic and industrial design.

Graduating from Mackintosh School of Architecture at the Glasgow School of Art, Radcliffe’s themes are inspired by his love of machines and engineering:

“I have always been fascinated by cars and from an early age used to go with my god father to brands hatch race track. He belonged to the Aston Martin owners club and so I would accompany him to the races. We would often go into the paddock and see all the cars being tuned and tweaked- I'm sure this is where I came across for the first time a Lamborghini, and it made a lasting impression.

With the Lamborghini I made it because I just knew the wireframe technique would suit it and it is the most iconic supercar of all time. I had to make it to get it out of my system.

It was a fun project, I loved doing the little details like the pepper pot wheels and Pirelli P7 tyres, the Koenig side spoilers and air intakes, and of course the rear spoiler- It looks so simple but it took ages because it's all about the economy of line — too much steel and it becomes unsophisticated and not enough and it doesn't represent it sufficiently.”

The orange wireframe Countach sells for 40,000 pounds. A good deal for mecha aficionados.

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