Benefits of winter tyres

It should be pretty obvious right away that it is definitely better to have winter tyres on for the winter. They have a different tread pattern that is tailored for colder conditions. With the huge snowfalls and ice that we have been experiencing snow tyres should be one of the first things on anyone's list. All across Europe, Canada and The States you will see snow tyres. While a lot of people will argue that we do not get conditions as severe this is simply untrue. The last couple of years have proved this and with even earlier falls in temperature this year snow tyres will become a necessity.

The benefits are obvious, with the different threads you will have more grip and control over your vehicle in snow or ice. They are a thicker tyre with bags of grip and are perfectly suited to the type of weather we have been experiencing. There are a lot more accidents because people have no experience in winter driving. Tyres like these give the people that are not familiar with icy driving a fighting chance.

The last thing anyone wants at Christmas is an accident. With snow tyres you can minimalise the risks and make life on the icy roads a little safer for everyone.

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