Bernie Ecclestone: F1 not for sale

Bernie Ecclestone today tried to snuff out rumours that F1 will be the subject of a takeover bid by the mighty Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp.

Speculation was rife that News Corp was negotiating with Carlos Slim, the Mexican telecommunications tycoon, in order to create a takeover group.

But F1 boss Ecclestone rebuffed the claims, telling The Telegraph that the story was ‘rubbish’and that the sport was ‘not for sale.’

The 80-year-old playboy runs the sport on behalf of private equity firm CVC, which bought F1 six years ago for $2.5bn.

Though the claims were streuously denied, the fact that the story originated from Sky News is telling, seeing as though it is itself part of the Murdoch owned News Corp.

F1 is one of the only Murdoch-free televised sports around. If there is substance to the rumours, the bid may aim buy out the sport lock stock and barrel, or just bag the broadcasting rights. Watch this space.

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