Best bicycle rack for your car

Finding the best bicycle rack for your car is important because it protects both your car and your bikes, both of which are probably precious to you. Tailgate mounted bike racks are more commonly bought than roof mounted ones so we’ll stick to those.
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Exodus Rear High Mount 3 Cycle Carrier

This bike rack always gets great reviews and that’s no accident. Its adjustable metal arms hug the tailgate cleanly and clamp down firmly. If you choose the right setting to suit your car, it’ll go on and come off with a flick of the handle. The best thing for anyone planning a trip with luggage and bikes is that the boot still opens fully when the rack’s attached. To get your hands on one of these you’ll need £99.

Thule RaceWay 991

The innovative hook system that attaches the rack to the car is impressive and easy to use. With the press of one button you can easily unhook the rack but it’s more than secure while you’re on the road. It’s easy to fit in a few seconds thanks to this and it’s been designed so that the hooks can’t be overtightened. The cost is the only real issue here as it’s £260.

Pendle Strap-On

If you’re looking for a strap-on rack, this is the one to go for. It’s the easiest one on the market to fix and it’s the sturdiest by far. You can adjust the rack’s vertical height, which isn’t something that rival racks offer, and there are plenty of straps to secure your expensive and precious bike to the back of your car.

Final word

The type of car you have and the type of bike you’re carrying won’t play a massive part in your selection but you might need to bear those things in mind.

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