Best car battery brand and what to look for when choosing a battery

Your car battery isn’t something that you give much thought to because it just works but that could be a mistake because when winter arrives your car battery is asked to do a lot of the work when you want to start your car in the icy conditions we face in Britain every year. The best car battery brand isn’t the one offering the cheapest replacement unit or the one that you’ve heard of before. It’s the one that’s best for your car.
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Life of a battery

You can expect to get at least five years from a car battery but in reality most will last far longer. When you struggle to turn the engine over, your battery is trying to tell you that it’s time for a replacement. Don’t delay when you get this sign or you could find yourself unable to get to work in the morning.


As car batteries degrade over time don’t buy one that’s over six months old. You can check the date of the battery by looking on the unit. There’s no common pattern for the make up of the mark showing the battery’s age but most use an alpha-numeric system where the letter means the month of the year (A for January, B for February etc) and the number represents the year.

Battery ratings

Batteries are rated according to their Amp hours and Cold cranking amps. Basically Amp hours tells you how long the battery will last if it’s not recharged while Cold cranking amps (or CCA) represents the power the battery has to turn the engine over. Batteries for diesel cars need more cranking power than those for petrol motors so there’s no real point in paying the premium for this type of battery if you’ve got a low capacity petrol car.

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