Find the best deals on new cars in 2011

There are huge savings to be made right now on brand new cars, assuming you keep your ear to the ground and know where to look of course. We've been doing a lot of digging over the past few weeks in order to provide our readers with some of the best deals on new cars in 2011, and we're happy to report that the findings are in, so if you're in the market for a new motor, this is the best place to start your search.

MotorLogix Ltd., one of the United Kingdom's fastest growing car specialists, have more than twenty five years worth of experience in the car industry, and are currently offering a fantastic deal on the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, one of the best hatchbacks from the company to date. The savings start at £2,500, and increase all the way up to as much as £3,613 depending on what model you decide on. You can find out more on the MotorLogix website at www.motorlogix.com today.

If the Alfa isn't quite what you're looking for, Deal Drivers are offering a fantastic deal on the new third generation Ford Focus models on their website at www.dealdrivers.co.uk. You can pick up the five door Sport model starting as low as £11,495 without metallic paint, or £11,915 with. For that fantastic price you're getting a 1.6 litre petrol car with parking sensors, Bluetooth connection for hands free, automatic wipers and lights, self dimming rear mirror, satellite navigation and 16 inch alloys, all for a huge saving of £5,450 on the regular list price.

Finally, you can save yourself more than £4,000 on the C-Class Mercedes diesel with www.mycarquotes.co.uk. With a list price of £30,285, you can get your C 220 CDI BlueEfficiency saloon for as little as £26,216

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