Best driving roads in the UK

Our roads are an obstacle course of road bumps, zebra crossings, traffic lights, round abouts and various traffic calming initiatives so there aren’t all that many great roads left. But you don’t need to go out to the hills and country lanes to find the best driving roads in the UK.
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The name’s not all that evocative but the drive is simply stunning. The S-bends, elevation changes and beautiful scenery on the road between Dover and Deal make this a must-drive route.


The Cheddar to Ashwick road will get your heart racing. In part it resembles a rally course because there are lots of tight hairpins and great challenging corners. It’s only real problem is that the road’s only 14 miles long so you won’t be enjoying it for very long.


This Capel Curig to Caernarfon road can be a little dangerous at times because it’s lined with low stone walls that might not contain a car if you get it wrong. Beyond the walls there are lakes and hill sides so this is the sort of road that’s both challenging and potentially dangerous. As with the others, this one’s over too quickly.


Another B-road that’ll get your juices flowing. The Builth Wells to Brecon road is often a little unpredictable so take it easy when you’re new to the tarmac. This road in the heart of Wales goes through spectacular mountainous countryside but don’t take your eyes off the road to take in the wondrous sights all around as you’ll have your hands full with the combination of sweeping bends and tight corners.


If you’re in Scotland you’ll probably have taken the A82. It’s the country’s second most used A-road and it’s also a great drive. With variable road conditions and lots of tourists with slow motor homes, you never know what’s around the corner on this road. What you are guaranteed though is some of the most beautiful landscape in the UK.

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