The best electric bikes of 2011

The best electric bikes in 2011, are the Kalkhoff Aggatu and Pro-Connect. The Aggatu is a well rounded electric bike, so whether it's the mountains or just flat roads you will be cycling on, this bike will do its job and get you to your destination with ease.

The Pro-Connect is a much faster, sportier bike with three power settings, so you can choose your speed with ease. Prices for these machines rose last year but have since dropped back down to make them much more affordable for the customer.

Watch out too for the BionX direct drive version, it is well priced compared to similar models, it has regenerative braking and almost silent when running, although it has limited hill-climbing abilities.

Another great product is the Cytronex, which is a British company based in Winchester. These bikes are usually mid to top end sports bikes, powered by a battery the size of a water bottle. Cyntronex have a reputation for being one of the fastest and economical electric bikes out there today, as well as been 100% road legal. The very light battery and motor make the Cytronex the leaders when it comes to weight.

If you are looking for a sports commuter bike, this should be at the top of your short list. The only real disadvantage is a relatively limited range from the smallish 148Wh battery, one of the very few NiMH still on sale, but also one of the most reliable and long-lasting. So you might be surprised by how durable and quick these bikes are.

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