We take a look at the best hybrid cars

It's beginning to dawn on people that oil is a finite resource that isn't going to be around forever, especially given our current rate of consumption! This is why Hybrid Cars are going to become so important over the next fifty years. They are vital in helping us bring our consumption of fossil fuels down.

While it's still very much a growing area of research, there are some great models out there right now. If you're looking to snag yourself a hybrid, there is plenty of choice out there, but for us, the best hybrid cars is the Toyota Prius. Let's take a closer look.

The Prius was launched in Europe in 2000, and was the world's first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. It has been ahead of the curve ever since, and we're now on the third generation of the vehicle, with each one eking out more efficiency from the hybrid petrol and electricity engine.

System output has climbed over 30% to 136bhp (100kw) and fuel consumption has been reduced by over 23% to only 3.9l/100 km (72.4mpg). While environmental considerations will be the main driver for people to purchase the car, it's also worth remembering that the combination engine will save you some serious money in fuel costs.

The Prius benefits from lower road tax, automatic transmission and a five star NCAP safety rating. If you're looking at buying a Hybrid Car then this is the right one for you. It's available from around 19,000 pounds new.

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