Best motorcycles for short people

You might think that being short is a handicap to riding a motorbike but professional riders aren’t always tall. Dani Pedrosa is only 5 foot 3 inches tall yet he’s won a lot of races in his MotoGP career so stature isn’t a barrier to riding powerful and exciting motorbike. We run through the best motorcycles for short people to make your choices clear.
    Wikimedia commons - Dennis Bratland

Honda CXT700

This might not be the sports bike you’d dreamed off but the Honda CTX700 is a great bike for short riders. With forward pegs and pull-back handlebars, this is a motorbike that’s comfortable for most riders over long journeys. As the seat is only 28.3 inches from the ground, this is an ideal bike for the shorter rider.

Kawasaki Ninja 300

This may sound like an entry-level bike just for new riders as it only has 300ccs but it’s swift enough and looks the part as you can see from our lead image. It’s 30.9-inch seat height, which is short for a sportsbike, gives shorter riders the chance to try something that looks like the sort of machinery raced across the world by MotoGP riders.

Suzuki Burgman 400

With a seating position that’s akin to that found on a moped, this is a comfortable bike that suited to smaller riders. Taller riders may find that the screen is too low for them or that their knees push out beyond the fairings. Its 27.95 inch seat is really low which means that putting your foot down to support the bike when stationary is easy.

Kawasaki ER-6n

With a 30.9 inch seat, this Kawasaki machine allows the rider to sit low enough but the factory can lower the seat by a further 1.1 inches if you need them to. This is a great bike that’ll suit everyone from newcomers to experienced riders.

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