How to get the best personalized license plates

License plates are often confusing especially long ones which are difficult to remember not only because of the length, but also the combination of letters and numbers. For this reason, many choose the best personalized license plates to make themselves unique and stand out from the crowd. In addition to the obvious benefit of remembering which car is yours when you see the same model and colour at the parking, you also get a chance to express your creative juices and your personal stamp on something seen and used frequently.

UK rules on vanity plates

In the UK, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) and Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) are responsible for registering and numbering of license plates.

  • Minimum requisities

1. using industry standard sizes for front (520 mm × 111 mm) and rear (same as front or 285mm × 203 mm or 533 mm × 152 mm) plates

2. inclusion of area code or local memory tag

4. age identifier in the form of 2 digits and three-letter sequence.

  • Country sticker

The EU symbol is not mandatory and you can put your county’s emblem or coat of arms. However, this is not valid outside of the UK, so you still have to put an identification tag or country of registration origin.

  • Rules governing personalized license plates

Alas, drivers or car owners in the UK cannot make or request their own vanity plates. Instead, trading of existing plates or combination of numbers and letters is followed.

Like in other countries, obscene words, profanity, sex and swear words are not allowed including unusual sizes of fonts, spacing, and even colourful screw heads. You can face up to £1000 in fines when you alter a registration plate.

Alternatively, you can also purchase at auctions, cherish marks, plates which have been already issued and which bear the alphanumeric code or the index mark in the central car registry. They are subject to recalls or cancellations upon suspicions of misuse.

That said, here are some of the best personalized license plates you can see from all over the world, as follows:

  • GLBL WMR – attached on a motor home
  • QUAG MYR - in reference to a movie
  • 1 MPG – one mile per gallon on a Hummer

In the UK, famous registration plates include:

  • A7 – Queen Elizabeth's license plates
  • MAG IC – owned by the magician Paul Daniels
  • S8 RYY - Robbie William's Ferrari

How to get them

The DVLA and DVA keep a list of accredited suppliers of license plate makers in the UK and many of these traders have an online presence selling or auctioning cherish marks and personalized plates. You simply put a letter and/or number combination which you would like and the search box will return matches or near matches with the corresponding prices. Although you don’t have to spend tons of money on these, some of the best personalized license plates already fetched hefty tags such as the first set in Edinburgh, S 1, owned by Sir John A H MacDonald. Lately, Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich paid a sizeable sum for VIP 1 and Man U star, Wayne Rooney for WAZ8 which resembles his nickname.

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