Best petrol reward cards

Nowadays you can get loyalty points on just about anything. That’s thanks to initiatives like Nectar which cross various types of business and the work that Tesco have done to allow Clubcard points to be paid when you fill up at participating Esso garages. But who offers the best petrol reward cards in the UK?
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Anyone who makes a habit of visiting Shell forecourts will have been offered a Drivers’ Club Card. It’s definitely worth your while because you get one point for every litre of fuel you buy up to a maximum of 125 litres per transaction. There are also bonus points on offer when you use the car wash or buy Shell products.


Texaco has been offering the Star Rewards scheme for many years now. As with the Shell scheme, you get one point per £1 spent on fuel. When you’ve accumulated at least 500 points you’ll be able to exchange them for vouchers from shops like love2shop, Argos and Marks and Spencers. You’ll need at least 1000 points before you’ll be eligible for a £10 iTunes Gift Card or 1,000 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles.


Supermarkets routinely offer the cheapest fuel prices and they also give some of the best rewards. Sainsbury’s and BP petrol forecourts offer points when you buy petrol.


Filling up at a Tesco station gives you one point for every £2 spent but you can double that rate if you use a Tesco Clubcard Credit Card. The points turn into pounds when you’ve accumulated 100 of them so working out the value of your Clubcard balance isn’t hard.

Final word

No loyalty scheme is valuable enough to make you drive miles out of your way so you’re better off watching the petrol price if you like to get the most from your money.

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