Best scooters for ladies

Scooters are convenient to use, easy to park and quick enough for most town and city driving. The best scooters for ladies are hard to define as there’s no one type that works for all. For that reason we offer a selection that you should check out.
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Honda Silverwing

You’ll need around £6,000 to get your hands on one of the scooters seen in our lead image. If you can afford it, the Honda is an ideal scooter for touring thanks to a powerful 582cc motor that’ll zip you along the motorways and A-Roads.

Baotian 50

For those on a budget the Baotian 50 is the ideal choice. This one will only set you back £900 and yet you’ll find yourself riding a nippy town bike that’s very economical (how does 100mpg sound?). Alloy wheels give this one a sporty look and there’s a decent amount of storage space.

Suzuki Burgman

Our third choice is priced between the first two as you’ll need £3,000 to get a Suzuki Burgman into your garage. There’s plenty of power whether you choose the 50cc or the 125cc variant and the scooter’s stylish and sporty so it’ll attract the right sort of attention. The low-slung seat will ensure a comfortable ride and there’s a decent amount of storage space for those who only need their scooter for shopping and work.

Honda PS125i

This is an odd looking scooter that won’t appeal to the masses but at £2,000 it’s well priced. This one’s practical and it offers with the lowest emissions for its class.

Gilera GP800

The Gilera GP800 looks like a squashed up Superbike for a reason. It’s not just to help sell the thing, it’s also to match the scooter’s performance. This is the most powerful and therefore fastest scooter on the planet. The Gilera has an 839cc engine, which is a higher capacity than some performance motorbikes have so it’ll give them a run for their money.

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