Best second hand car is a BMW 1-series

We talk a lot about what great new cars, but what about the used car market? Tesco Cars have punched a whole lot of numbers into a computer and found that the entry level BMW series-1 is the UK's 'best used buy', due to it being cheap to run, reliable, having a decent sell-on value, and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Other good bets included the Nissan Qashqai, MINI Cooper and Fiat 500.

'Naturally, the one criteria we couldn't factor into our rankings was personal choice – one person's first choice model may be another's last,' said Rebecca Ryan, Tesco Cars' marketing manager. 'Having taken into account so many variables, including the things that really matter to buyers like how much cars will cost to run, their performance and how desirable they are, our analysis is informative and a unique way of assessing the very best used buys.'

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