Best sunglasses for driving

With most cars the sun visors are more than enough to take the glare of the sun away while you drive. Tinned windows are another options for blocking out the sun’s rays but with some convertible cars like the Lotus Elise Series 1, you don’t get sun visors so you’ll need to wear shades. The best sunglasses for driving aren’t necessarily the ones you’d buy to look great on the beach.
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Oakley shades are cool because they look great but you’re not just paying a price premium for the brand name and the design because the lenses on the Oakley Plaintiff Squared Polarized are the main reason these shades are great for driving. The Plutonite lenses filter out 100% of UVA, UVB, UVC rays as well as harmful bluelight. The frames are lightweight too so you won’t realise you’re wearing them.

Smith optics

Smith Optics Showdown Polarized are a pair of shades that are shaped like classic aviator glasses and that’s not just for fashion reasons. This shape is ideal for blocking out the sun, especially if you drive a convertible. The stainless steel frames for these are also lightweight, and the shades’ thin and wiry design makes look great.


Eyefly The Haight Polarized are another pair of sunglasses that are both stylish and practical. Like the others on this list, they’re not cheap but they’re less expensive than the more established brands. You get the same aviator look and the same UVA, UVB, UVC protection so these are a pair of shades that are worth considering if money’s an important factor in your decision making process.


If you’re interested in buying sunglasses but you don’t like the aviator look, why not go for the Livorno Polarized glasses? The frames on these Italian designed shades are constructed during nylon so they’re more flexible than the others reviewed here. The photochromic lenses are excellent and the design is modern and classical at the same time.

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