The 3 Best SUV Options for 2014

We have done our homework on the best SUV options for 2014 in the UK and have come back with 3 solid options, with each one representing the best option for each budget type. The SUVS we will discuss include the Kia Sportage, Hyundai Santa Fe SUV and the BMW X5.

Budget and Mid Range Options

The top performing and most affordable SUV in the UK market has to be the Kia Sportage. Kia have been increasing the quality of their motors steadily for about a decade now and the 2014 range commands complete respect for craftsmanship. The Sportage SUV is no exception and with petrol options beginning at around £17,000 and diesel models starting at approximately £22,000 it cannot be matched in terms of value.

The interior ships with heated leather seats, cruise control and reversing camera as standard and has ample space for the whole family. And in case you feel you cannot trust a Kia motor, their unrivalled 7 year warranty should put your mind at ease.

The second best SUV option for 2014 represents the best value vehicle for those on a mid range budget. You get a generous smattering of features as standard including 7 airbags, bluetooth and Smart Assistance which is all controlled from a 7" touchscreen in the dash.

The Hyundai Santa Fe SUV will set you back around £25,000 for the 2.2 turbo diesel model but a cheaper 2.0 litre version, coming on stream in early 2014, may be more than enough for your needs while also saving you a few quid in the process.

Top of the Range

Our top of the range option for the best SUV in 2014 is the BMW X5. A stylish and sleek SUV, you will be the envy of road users when you take this beauty on the road. Expect to pay a pretty penny for the X5 however with the basic 3.0 litre diesel option costing in and around £45,000. This model offers some amazing driving though and the X5 is really quick with plenty of accelerating power and a top speed of 143mph.

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