Best tyre brand comparison sites

If you’re in the market for new tyres, you might want to look at the best tyre brand comparison sites on the net before making a decision. Selecting proper tyres for your wheels is a tough call for you don’t want to compromise safety and comfort nor lose money when you change your tyres.

Our choices

Performing an internet search is one of the first things you do to look for information on the right tyres to fit on your car. It is fast, effective and can help you narrow your choices based on reviews and specs comparison. A few of the best tyre brand comparison sites online include the following:

  • Tyrereviews (tyrereviews.co.uk)

The site is easy to use and you can see the various brands of tyres in the market. For example, if you want to see results of the latest braking or winter tyre tests, you can find them on the site. Helpful videos of specific brands fitted on cars also show how they perform. Once you narrow down your choices, there is a link which connects you to an online store where you can purchase the tyres suitable for your cars.

  • Ctyres (ctyres.co.uk)

Ctyres lists the most popular brands in the market today with corresponding reviews on each make. Overall performance of each model is based on the following factors: grip in dry, grip in wet, feedback, wear, and comfort. Reviews are the results of compilations from press releases, online documents and user evaluations and comments. You’ll be able to read feedback on known brands such as Michelin, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Hankook, Continental, Dunlop and many more. A link to buy is on the site so you can immediately check the availability and prices of tyres you’re interested in by entering your tyre size, fitting, delivery and payment options.

  • Tyre Shopper (tyre-shopper.co.uk)

The site is really easy to use if you want to find the correct tyres you can use on your vehicles. Options such as tyre search, tyre range, fitting centres and prices are neatly listed on the left-hand column. If you can’t be bothered with finding your tyre dimensions, you can just enter your vehicle’s make and model. Their system will give you the brands, prices, ratings and labels. At some point, you do need to enter the tyre size you need, but at least you can check which brands are suitable for your car. There’s also a list of fitters al over the UK if you need specialists for fitment.

Price comparison

If you want to compare retail prices, there’s a site called, Tyre Price Advisor, where you can check costs and fees across brands, sizes, and fitment. Another tyre specialist website that's easy to use is, Black Circles (blackcircles.com). Like other top websites mentioned, it has all the conveniences allowing you to find the best tyre brand comparison charts.

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