Best Winter Tyres in the UK - what you should know

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With driving conditions particularly dangerous at winter it is important to have the right tyres. Read on for some advice on the best winter tyres in the UK.

Winter tyres

Winter tyres are designed specifically to design with winter weather and in particular snow, ice and rain. Most vehicles benefit greatly from having winter tyres in conditions such as slush, ice, frost and wet roads. The tyres are able to find traction much more quickly than normal tyres and are more secure in general. They are capable of dealing with inclines in icy and slippery conditions. Winter tyres also allow you to drive comfortably through thick snow that has just fallen.

When can they be used?

Many tyre experts will recommend that the best time to fit winter tyres is between the months of October and April. Winter tyres can also be used all year round in the UK. You may notice a slight decrease in dry braking in very hot conditions. However the better braking on snow and in wet weather makes up for this. The tyre might also become more worn in the summer but then the wear rates in the winter are better than normal tyres. There is some trade off here but the are still safe to use all year round

Where to get them

All major garages and car sales outlets throughout the UK should stock winter tyres. The website www.mytyres.co.uk is the largest online tyre retailer in Europe. www.discounttyres.co.uk is also a good place to get cheap and discounted winter tyres in the UK.

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