Beware speeding crackdown

Research from the Post Office has found that many popular European holiday destinations are taking an increasingly tough stance when it comes to speeding.

It claims that many British tourists could be caught and end up out of pocket with on the spot fines averaging £53.

In Italy the maximum you can be stung by is £3,000, while in France it's around £1,400.

Neil Greig, director of policy and research at the Institute of Advanced Motorists said: 'It is essential that when visiting another country you study the particular traffic laws of your destination before you travel. Claiming ignorance to local speed limits isn’t the answer. Last week the UK opted out of the cross border enforcement directive so European traffic police know it’s an on-the-spot fine or nothing when it comes to stopping Britons speeding on their roads.'

But it's not just speeding that holidaymakers must guard against he added. 'Traffic police are also able to enforce regulations on carrying safety triangles, spare lamps, reflective jackets and even satnavs with speed camera monitors in them. As at home the solution is simple – drive considerately and legally and you have no reason to worry.'

Well said that man.

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