Bikers Paradiso: The Milan Motorcycle Show 2008

The general feeling in biking circles is that the worldwide recession and earlier-reported shrinking motorcycle markets have tempered customary biker braggadocio, leaving this year’s Milan Motorcycle Show with not too many new offerings, particularly in the area of powerplants.

But while the big guns played it low, the lesser known brands had their chance to shine. Names like Benelli, Bigbore Millepercento, Bimota, Gilera, Husqvarna, Nipponia, and Pierobon suddenly found themselves the centre of interest, if not for their strange, unfamiliar names, then at least for the trendy bodywork they displayed.

Check out some of the stars in this important motorcycle event!

Concept bikes also hogged much of the limelight, and here the big names had much to show. Honda featured a couple of show-stopping designs based on lustre and personal power. BMW also put on display some of its design concepts, which made quite an impression, as expected.

Biker gear, accessories, and Ducati’s wicked Streetfighter were also featured.

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