Where to find the best used Birmingham cars

When it comes to cars, it's a buyers market out there! The savvy consumer can make whopping savings for themselves by going into the market with an open mind, and the willingness to look in some previously unheard of places to try find a bargain. With that in mind, we're going to suggest a few places to have a look to find cheap used Birmingham cars.

Birmingham, England's second city, is a bustling marketplace for used vehicles. There are literally hundreds of used car forecourts in the Birmingham area, and we're going to take it as read that you'll already be checking these out. So we're going to suggest a few other places to look that you may not have thought of.

The first place we suggest you look is on www.birmingham.gumtree.com. You may not think Gumtree is the best place to look for a used car, but a quick glance reveals at least 50 bargain used cars just waiting for you to have a look at. We highly recommend going to view the car, and if possible to take a test drive before you hand over any money.

Another suggestion, slightly off the beaten track, is to check out www.birminghamcarauctions.co.uk. This site will keep you regularly updated about used car auctions in the Birmingham area, and also which make and model of car is available at these auctions.

Another suggestion we have for you is to use a national database site like www.Carmony.co.uk to check the Birmingham area. These sites have a vast selection of cars, and can be better if you're looking for rarer models.

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