Black cabs turn green

The black cab we once knew may soon be a fleeting memory, as new environmentally friendly Fuel Cell Black Cabs hit London streets. The new cabs were awarded Road Legal status last week by the UK Vehicle Certification Authority, and is a clear sign that the aim to have a fleet of zero emission taxis on the streets of London in time for the 2012 London Olympics.

The hybrid taxi, a mix between fuel cell and battery powered, can keep going for 250 miles (402 km) and refuel rapidly. More importantly, it has the appearance of a conventional London taxi.

Now that tests have been successfully completed on the vehicle, it’s hope that the consortium that makes them can push ahead with delivering an entire fleet in time for 2012.

‘The Fuel Cell Black Cabs are now road proven with thousands of miles of operation,’ declared Henri Winand, Chief Executive of Intelligent Energy. ‘Indeed, many people may have seen them as they have been driven around various parts of the UK, but we are now happy to formally announce their road legal status and that you will be seeing more of them in the coming month.’

He added: ‘At a time when London will soon be demonstrating its commitment to excellence in the sporting arena, we are proud to show that the UK can also deliver world-leading zero emissions, fuel cell electric vehicle technology that will make a real difference both to lowering carbon emissions and improving air quality.’

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