BMW 2 Series 2015 reviewed and rated

The BMW 2 Series is a little more than a 1 Series with fewer doors, although that’s how it’s seen. As with the 4 Series, the BMW 2 Series 2015 model is a car in its own right and one that has far more sporty credentials than its more sensible brethren. BMW has also added a little more spice to the model range with the introduction of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer.

BMW 2 Series Active Tourer

Although the naming structure of the latest BMW range has created a collection of saloon cars with odd numbers and coupes with even numbers, BMW has thrown a spanner in the works with the creation of this 5 door variant. It’s also the only current BMW that’s front wheel drive so it’s certainly a model that divides critics. This is a car that takes on the likes of the Mercedes B-Class so it’s designed for comfort and economy first. The figures being banded about by the German car maker are mainly the entry model’s 57.6mpg and its emission numbers of 115 g/km of CO2 rather than it’s 0 to 60mph time. Don’t fret though because BMW is offering a 146mph model that offers 231bhp.

BMW 2 Series Coupe

This is the 2 Series that you’ll come across more of in the nation’s car parks and on our roads. The coupe is an attractive car that’s offered in various guises. The 220i model and the 220d are the ones that most drivers are interested in owning but the M235i with 322bhp is the model that features far more in the German luxury car maker’s advertising campaigns.

Final word

With track handling packs on offer and the usual collection of dealer options, this is a BMW that you can individualise. It's also one that lives up to the firm's brand qualities of performance, luxury and class.

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