BMW's 2012 Scooters - A Closer Look

BMW, the giant of the automotive industry, has broken away from the serious world of luxury car manufacturing and has engineering a 2012 range of scooters aimed at the commuter - the C600 Sport and the C650 GT. The move is said to have received overwhelming support from Spain, Italy and France, where BMW expects to achieve most of its sales, but will other markets be quite as receptive? Is a BMW scooter a must-have or an avoid-at-all-costs?

C600 Sport

The C600 Sport is all about strong performance and sleek design. Able to fit both driver and passenger, the C600 is taller and flatter than it's counterpart and comes with an adjustable windscreen and enough storage space to hold two helmets when parked.

C650 GT

The C650 GT is a slightly tamer beast, with more focus asserted on comfort, coming with an adjustable backrest and a larger saddle, as well as taller handlebars. Both vehicles feature anti-lock breaks as well as an inline twin cylinder and an engine capacity of 647cc that can reach around 100 miles an hour when pushed to the limit.


A BMW vehicle is never going to be cheap, but the price of these scooters, £9,395 for the Sport and £9,705 for the GT, are likely to put off a lot of people, especially with competition such as the Yamaha T-Max and the Honda Integra available for much less. However, for those that are willing to pay a little bit more for that BMW branding, the C600 Sport and C650 GT are well worth a look.

The BMW 2012 scooters will first be available for purchase on May 5th, so start saving!

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