BMW adopts Microsoft’s Surface

The customer experience at BMW is expected to be a unique and interactive –using the BMW Product Navigator.

BMW uses Microsoft's Surface displays to help customers design and customize product orders. Multi touch capability enables users to zoom in, rotate, flip and pan through a range of materials intuitively, almost the same way one would manipulate objects in real life except in the confines of the touch-controlled computer screen.

The multi-touch and gesture-controlled Surface technology allows buyers to pre-configure their requested BMW model. Users of the interface can change colors, rims, view angles, accessories can be added via gestures on the screen along with configuration details. The selection process is made easier between the buyer and the BMW representative. By selecting details such as color or materials on the screen, an image and a video of the chosen pre-configured car is shown on a paired, vertical video screen.

Once the car is configured, a file can be saved to a thumb drive, or the specs and images can be printed out for later use by both parties. The software was developed by Vectorform for BMW.

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