BMW art cars

Forty years down the line and BMW are bringing together its 17 BMW Art Cars together on a website that celebrates the car firm's international cultural commitment.

Each of the one-off vehicles gets its own video tribute and technical description. The collection includes the M3 GT2 designed by Jeff Koons and the Andy Warhol designed M1 that took part in the 1977 Le Mans race.

'After four decades and a total of 17 BMW Art Cars, they can now all be admired by everyone. The interactive website pays homage to the collection, unique in the history of the automobile and the arts,' said Bill McAndrews, head of BMW corporate strategy and communications.

'Whilst the originals are often exhibited individually at the BMW Museum in Munich or at significant cultural institutions throughout the world, people are now able to discover for the BMW Art Cars in their entirety.'

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