BMW Launches Eco-Friendly, Small Car: the 116D

BMW is launching its new 116d series car, the brand’s most fuel efficient and eco-friendly small vehicle that will go head to head with cars like the Volkswagen Golf. The 116d’s fuel mileage is an incredible 64.2mpg and has CO2 emissions of 118g/km—which beats the current World Green Car of the Year, its sister BMW 118d. BMW hopes to grab a share of the small car market and not risk depending too much on the 3-series; which accounted for more than two-thirds of the company sales before the launch of the Mini.

The BMW 116d has a four-cylinder diesel powerplant capable of 116hp and is available in either three-door or five-door model. The 1,995cc engine with 260Nm of torque at 1,750rpm kicks it from zero to 62mph in 10.2 seconds; reaching a top speed of 125mph. The BMW uses second-generation common-rail injection which makes the BMW diesels more quiet and more refined than Volkswagen group’s pump-injection diesel.

As a rear-drive family hatch, the BMW 116d handles even better than similar cars in its class like the Ford Focus. Steering is precise, linear and responsive. While most front-drive family hatches have 2/3 of their mass over the front wheels, the BMW 116d achieves 50:50 balance because the engine is mounted far back in the long engine compartment and differential and drive shafts, and even battery are relocated to the rear for better chassis balance. The 116d’s ride is smooth, quiet and refined—because of the most sophisticated and expensive suspension system compared to similar cars in its segment.

The 116d series BMW costs 17,605 UK pounds for the 3-door model; and 18,135 UK pounds for the 5-door model. The 116d will be available in Both models will be available at dealers by March 2009.

All of BMW’s 1 series cars are also available in the new Sport trim—17-inch alloy wheels, front foglights, heated exteriror mirrors and windscreen washer jets, a multi-function steering wheel and Sport seats.

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