How the BMW Motability Scheme works

Motability, a scheme founded by Lord Sterling and the late Lord Goodman in 1977 is a success story, providing disabled people a chance to own a vehicle. Essentially a partnership between the Government, banks, insurance and motor companies, the programme has helped improved the mobility of disabled persons and their families. The BMW Motability is one such programme.

The mechanics

If you want to join the BMW Motability scheme, here are the rules and regulations. BMW offers the Contract Hire scheme which in effect allows you to drive a new BMW every three years. Insurance and road tax are included and there is a 60,000 mile allowance. In addition, all maintenance and servicing costs are included as well as tyre and windscreen replacement. There is also an accident and breakdown protection.

  • Who can avail of the BMW Motability

Beneficiaries of the Higher Rate Mobility Component (HRMC) or the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) and the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement (WPMS) are eligible under the scheme. In addition, there must be at least ’12 months award length remaining.'

  • Pricing

Depending on the model you choose, different prices exist for an advance payment. The 1 Series 3-Door and 5-Door will cost from £599 while the 3 Series Saloon from £1699. Prices for the 3 Series Touring start from £1999 while the X1 from £1499.

  • Adaptation

If you need adaptation to make driving comfortable and easy, BMW has the Motability Managed Adaptation Programme to ensure that works are carried out by approved installers. Many adaptations are available at no cost for as long as they are fitted before starting the contract.

The BMW Motability Scheme not only assists disabled people move easily from one place to another but also offers an opportunity to own a respected and trusted brand. If driving a BMW is a dream, then this is a great chance offered by Motability in partnership with the motor industry. Additional information on the scheme is available through the website BMW UK (bmw.co.uk) or from your nearest dealer.

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