BMW new cars 2015

BMW is a firm who never stand still so they’re always innovating and changing their line-up. The BMW new cars for 2015 range includes the BMW 1-Series, the 2-Series, the 3-Series, the 4-Series and the 5-Series but there are additions to those ranges and a whole new BMW 7-Series.

BMW 7-Series

The latest generation 7-Series has been designed to be lighter than its predecessor. Lightweight materials have been used in its construction including aluminium, magnesium and carbon fibre-reinforced plastics. As you’d expect, you’ll find CFRP used on the bonnet and the roof but BMW has also used it on load bearing areas like the body and floorplan. This new machine is BMW’s response to the long-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and as with the Merc you’ll find more luxury inside the cabin than on previous models.

BMW i8

This is a truly new model that will make anyone who’s not interested in the BMW brand aware of the firm’s status in the industry as one of the most innovative prestige car makers. No one will mistake BMW’s first ever plug-in hybrid for any other car on the road thanks to its very distinctive looks, as seen in our lead image. You’re looking at a car that’s capable of a 155mph top speed. With scissor doors and futuristic looks, this is a car whose appearance will divide critics, but we love the look of it and hope that BMW takes some of its design cues into other future models.

BMW 5-Series

BMW never stop tinkering with their cars in an effort to stay ahead of competitors like Audi, VW and Mercedes so the BMW 5-Series has been given a facelift. The sixth-generation 5-Series that’s been around since 2010 wasn’t in need of a change but keeping ahead of the pack is something that BMW do better than most of their rivals so we’re not surprised to see this facelifted model join the line-up.

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