BMW R1200R neo-retro scrambler by Lazareth

Lazareth is one of the biggest names in French customizing in the two and four wheel world, but they also do not disdain working on three wheels.

They’ve become famous with their extreme customizations and become internationally known after their custom bikes appeared in the movie Babylon A.D that starred Vin Diesel.

Their latest creation is taken from the BMWR1200R, which they turned into a mix of café racer and scrambler, for a French client who wanted a ‘neo-retro scrambler'.

The bike was partially insipired by BWM’s Concept 90 model, that was a result of a collaboration between the German manufacturer and Californian custom builder Roland Sands that was presented last May, during Concorso d’Eleganza di Villa d’Este at Cernobbio, Italy.

"Half a way between a scrambler and a café racer, here is our latest creation based on a BMW R1200R. An interesting exercise with a different spirit from what we are used to produce: a simple vehicle, crude and neo-retro! As for any new project, we do not set a limit, you decide and we build the vehicle of your dreams", said Lazareth.

According to Jean-Thomas Mayer, one of Lazareth’s designers, the bike is, “Not horizontal like a café racer, but more dynamic. We kept only the engine and the Paralever suspension at the rear.”

Lazareth replaced the BMW R1200R frame and with a new tubular chassis and shortened the seat and tail unit.

They also changed the stock Telelever front suspension with inverted forks from a Yamaha YZF-R6 sportsbike and added two 320mm diameter front discs coupled with 4-piston calipers.

The machine also features spoked wheels and fat Continental Twinduro tires and a large front headlight

The 110hp boxer engine is hooked up to an Ixil exhaust system with two short and stubby aluminum mufflers.

The cockpit is kept to the barest with just a analog speedometer and few lights, and there are small bar-end mirrors.

Lazareth is ready to produce 10 of these neo-retro scramblers with other colors and options available.

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