bmw series alloys - it's something to talk about!

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BMW series alloys is a wide open playing field when it comes to browsing the internet. There are many dedicated online superstores that offer a wide range of alloys, tyres and a package for both at keenly discounted prices. As many of these offers are limited to the online stores, it's always worth checking out various websites instead of just dropping in to your local motor factors.

Sites such as BMautosport.co.uk stock a range of both new and pre owned alloys and they promise discounts of up to 40% on the recommended retail price. You can avail of a next day delivery service which will only cost you an additional 30 pounds.

This site not only stocks a wide range of alloys for all models of BMW but if you're lucky enough to have a Z3/4 then there is even the option to buy a set of extremely rare genuine BMW 17" BBS rt style 19 split rims for only 599 pounds. This in itself is a bargain but then you are also getting good tyres included in the price so it's even better than you originally thought!

Shopmos.co.uk is a price comparison website that produces a comprehensive listing of places that stock wheels for BMW models and the prices that they are charging. This site also advertises alloys that are on sale through eBay so caution may be needed before committing to purchase. Postage charges may be high and it's always wise to buy from sellers with 100% positive feedback and that accept Paypal.

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