bmw sport alloys - how to finish off in style!

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BMW Sport Alloys are the ultimate finishing touch to any BMW. With online shopping enjoying an ever increasing popularity, it has become a tried and tested way of finding items to suit you at a price you can afford.

If you log on to BMautosport.co.uk you will see that they advertise themselves as having one of the largest selections of both new and preowned BMW alloys. Not only this but they have wheel and tyre packages from as little as 150 pounds and even offer next day delivery for an additional 30 pounds.

If you look through the online catalogue you will find no less than 107 sets of alloys for the BMW 3 series and 63 that are suitable for series 5/6/7/8. When looking through the "new" section, you can expect to pay from 350 upwards for a set of brand new alloys. For this price you could be driving away with a set of 18" black twin spoke alloys with a polished dish.

If money isn't your prime consideration then spending 699 pounds on a set of stunning 19" Belair staggered deep stainless steel dish double spoke alloys might be an option. These wheels are available in white, silver, gunmetal and black.

The "used" section currently only has wheels on offer for the larger sized rims and does not have anything in stock for the 15" or 16" models. If you're looking for rare wheels then you might be in luck as there is a very rare set of genuine BMW 17" BBS RT style 19 split rims on sale for the bargain price of 599 and this includes tyres!

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