BMW Variable Damper, comfortable suspense?

BMWa name synonymous with style, engineering excellence and performance.  The BMW marque is recognised the world over as a car which oozes desirability and reliability.  But what about safety and comfort, especially on long drives over a wide variety of road surfaces?  This is where it matters.  If a car is wonderful to look at but very uncomfortable to drive, then that will have a very negative effect on sales and also on the reputation of the car manufacturer.  BMW uses a system called VDC which stands for variable damper control.  This is a mechanism located in the shock absorbers and is directly responsible for the vehicle’s suspension efficiency.

Variable damper control is an advanced mechanism which controls how much or how little the car’s suspension reacts to different road surfaces.  Whether you are driving on a flat new road surface or bumpy irregular ground at whatever speed you may be going, the variable damper control adjusts in microseconds the amount of shock to be absorbed or not absorbed.  This gives the driver a much safer and comfortable driving experience as it increases better manoeuvrability and control of the car. A central computer measures constantly the different amounts of pressure on the car’s chassis and shock absorbers delivering the correct amount of pressure instantly.

BMW offer this system as an optional extra but it is well worth the money with the added comfort that it delivers.  Try logging on to bmw.co.uk when you have a spare few minutes.  A nice efficient website that shows all aspects of the BMW features and technology and explains the variable damper system along with many other aspects of this great marque.

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