2013 BMW X1

The 2013 BMW X1 comes with some major changes and revisions from the last model and the compact SUV is all the better for it. In BMW's own words, the X1 is where compact elegance meets functional versatility and this is by no means hyperbole. Lets run through the specs and highlights the X1 has to offer.

BMW Bringing their A-Game

The compact SUV market is quite competitive so the X1 needs to be on top of its game. The main competition for the X1 come in the shape of the Range Rover Evoque, the Volkswagen Tiguan and the Audi Q5. The all new 2013 version of the BMW X1, however, more than holds its own against these top class players.

You can choose a TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder 1997 CC petrol or 1995 CC diesel engine to power your X1. BMW have taken extra care in the 2013 model and designed the interior to a very high standard. There is plenty of storage space too with a flexible design that means you can create space when and as you need it.

The X1 is adept when travelling on loose gravel terrain or on snow in winter as it comes complete with Dynamic Traction Control to give you increased traction and reduced slip. Combined with all wheel drive, the result is a very solid car that handles very well.

The X1 also comes with Brake Energy Regeneration meaning that energy created from braking and accelerating gets sent to the battery. This process takes added strain off the engine and ensures extra power is available to you for acceleration. It also means that your car uses less fuel and is more environmentally friendly.

Competitively Priced

The 2013 BMW X1 is a fantastic car for the money being asked. A basic X1 is currently retailing for around £24,000 with a top of the range version costing just under £33,000. This is more than the Volkswagen Tiguan (£20,000-£28,000) but more reasonable than the Range Rover Evoque sarting at £29,000 and the Audi Q5 which starts at £30,000. All in all, the X1 is good value for money and you will be driving around in style that previous versions of the X1 did not provide.

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