BMW X5 M50d Revealed

BMW has released information and images of the car they expect to challenge the Porsche Cayenne S diesel and the turbodiesel V8 powered Range Rover Sport. The new BMW X5 M50d remains the top of the range X5 thanks to a 3.0 litre turbocharged diesel engine that develops 375bhp and 546 lb-ft of torque, but the most impressive stat for this car is the economy.

Although BMW hasn’t change the engine from the current car, the reengineered 2014 X5 M50d offers 42.2 mpg and CO2 emissions of just 177g/km, which is 22g/km less than the current SUV. Acceleration hasn’t suffered due to the additional economy and lower emissions as this X5 gets to 62mph a tenth of a second quicker than the current car. The exterior of this flagship BMW has also been reworked with the addition of an M-Sport body kit that includes a front splitter, wider exhausts and a roof spoiler. BMW has also worked on the chassis to aid comfort and cornering and they’ve lowered the suspension which gives a meaner more aggressive look.

The new SUV’s rivals can’t compete with the BMW’s economy figures. Although the diesel powered Porsche Cayenne S only gives 35 mpg it does offer more torque at 626 lb-ft. With just 288bhp on tap, the Range Rover Sport SDV6 diesel doesn’t develop the horsepower of either of its rivals and its 37.7mpg isn’t on par with the BMW but its ride is super-smooth and effortless.

Even if these rivals steal a march on the BMW X5 M50d, BMW will soon be unleashing the M-Sport produced X5 M. A 2014 launch is expected for the machine that will take over the top spot in the X5 model range from the BMW X5 M50d. Very little is known about the M-Sport machine but it has been seen during testing where BMW has concentrated on saving weight to generate M-Sport levels of performance and speed.

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