BMW’s Naked K1300R, Fastest on the Block

Pumping 173bhp on two wheels, BMW’s naked K1300R may just be the most powerful bimmer naked bike yet for 2009. The new K1300R also comes with smart electronically adjustable suspension and traction control. BMW’s K-series range also has proper indicators instead of the confusing triple switches on the old model.

The engine on this monster cranks out 173bhp from a larger 1293cc four-cylinder block. It snarls like a proper racing engine and rockets the bike to redline really fast; all these and the bike still has respectable fuel economy.

BMW’s finely tuned Duolever suspension (which you won’t find on any other bike) for the front wheel and paralevered shaft drive for the rear, do a great job on keeping the ride stable and firm. The set up also eliminates torque reactions through the shaft.

The BMW K1300R also comes with optional ABS, on-the-fly Electronic Suspension Adjustment, and Stability/Traction Control. Using aluminium for the front suspension has saved 1kg off the unsprung weight and has made feedback a bit more responsive than on the previous model.

If the biker chooses to equip all options available, the machine will be a tad expensive. Must-haves for the bike are the ESA II at £617, ABS, heated grips, hard luggage, Akrapovic exhaust, onboard computer and a quickshifter. The base price for the stock model runs to £9500 without ABS. With ABS and ESA II, the tag goes to £10,675; practically a steal for a quality Power Naked Bike.

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