Booking your Theory Test in the UK

If you are looking to get started on the road and work your way towards that full UK drivers licence then you will need to book a theory test with the Drivers Standard Association (DSA). We will guide you through the steps of booking your theory test in the UK and offer some great study aids to help you ace the test.

The Booking Process

First things first, do you need to take a drivers theory test or can you just skip it? Anybody that wishes to drive a vehicle on the road will need to complete this test and this includes those with motorcyles. There are some exceptions for drivers of light vehicles such as mopeds.

The two main things you will need when booking your theory test in the UK is your provisional driver licence number and a valid email address which you will use to confirm your booking. To book your theory test online throug the DSA go to www.gov.uk/book-a-driving-theory-test and follow the online instructions.

It should take a maximum of ten minutes to register and you can pay with either a debit card or credit card (laser cards are not accepted) and the fee for the test is currently £31. There is a DSA helpline that you can call if you get into any trouble with your booking.

The test itself is broken into two sections. The first section is a list of multiple choice questions and the second part relates to hazard perception. These tests will vary depending on which type of vehicle you wish to drive. It is possible to prepare and study for the multiple choice section but not for the hazard perception section.

Theory Test Study Aids

You can complete a number of practice tests through the DSA online at www.gov.uk/practise-your-driving-theory-test. These are set up to mirror the actual tests to give you the best possible preparation. The DSA also have a study book specifically for the theory test which can be purchased at most book stores and also online for a reasonable price on www.amazon.co.uk or www.alibris.co.uk. Good luck booking your theory test in the UK!

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