Booze crackdown

Even more reason not to drink or take drugs and drive – the Transport Secretary Phillip Hammond has announced a nationwide crackdown on those who drive under the influence.

While the alcohol limit will not change, the Government hopes that by the quicker processing of cases will free up police to enforce the law with vim and gusto the like of we’ve never seen.

Philip Hammond said: ‘The number of drink driving deaths has fallen by more than 75% since 1979. But drink driving still kills hundreds of people so we need to take tough action against the small minority of drivers who flagrantly ignore the limit.’

Road safety manager the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents, Duncan Vernon, said: ‘RoSPA welcomes the announcement of new measures to crack down on drink and drug driving. We would still like to see a lower drink-drive limit. Long-standing research has estimated that lowering the limit to 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood would save 65 lives a year on Great Britain's roads.’

Amen to that brother.

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