Britain’s most expensive campsite?

An unfinished £80m bypass near Peterborough is being called the UK’s most expensive campsite after a group of travellers began using the empty carriageway as a home last Friday.

A total of nine caravans have occupied the stretch of road that is closed to traffic due to a crack found under the embankment of a bridge.

Because of the damage, the bypass isn’t due to open until October – which means that Lincolnshire County Council do not own the road and thus can not move the travellers on.

The situation was described by the Conservative councillor David Sanders as a ‘joke’. He said: 'I spoke to the travellers and they know what they are doing. They saw the road was closed and thought it would be a good place.

'This is a multi-million pound road we are talking about. It must be the most expensive traveller's site in Britain.'

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