Britcars are back

Get ready for the return of the Britcar series, with its annual 24-hour race due to take at Silverstone next weekend.

Excitingly enough there a Forces team is gearing up to compete in the event. It will be supported by Mazda and will the car running the event is one of the Mazda’s MX-5 sports efforts.

The pit crew will feature soldiers from 2nd Royal Tank Regiment, some of whom are recovering from injuries sustained fighting for the flag abroad.

It sounds like good PR for the armed forces and a nice morale boosting exercise for ‘our boys’. Major Jim Cameron is in the driving hot seat, having recently returned from Afghanistan. Brigadier Mike Hickson and ex-Sgt and Metropolitan Police officer Will Browning, as well as racer and television presenter Tony Jardine (not in the military) will  be mucking in.

‘The drivers and regiment are excited by this task and welcome all support from the public. We would like to encourage everyone to drop in and see us, chat to the team or visit the display of vehicles on site,’ said Major Cameron.

Tickets for the event cost are £15 for a one dayer, with a weekend ticket available for £40.

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