Budget blues

Oh joy. Tomorrow (Wednesday 23rd) is budget day and while rumours abound that Chancellor George Osborne is to scrap the tax on fuel (you know, the tax that adds 59p to every litre of petrol), don’t think that it’s all going to be good news for motorists.

According to motoring website honestjohn.co.uk families could be hit by a rise in Vehicle Excise Duty – in other words, road tax.

So while giving with one hand, the Government may well take away with the other. Dan Harrison, editor of honestjohn.co.uk, told Autoblog: ‘Once our roads were full of vehicles that brought in more than £100 per year in road tax, but the trend towards lower emission cars means they are being replaced by models that generate no road tax or as little as £20 or £30. Something has got to give.

’The Chancellor can either put up road tax in bands A, B and C, punishing those who have opted for lower emission vehicles to avoid higher taxes. Alternatively he could move the goalposts, or he could leave things as they are and continue to take less in VED.’

Either way, the pinch continues to be felt.

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