Bus driver in Venuzuela loses licence

Getting suspended from driving for a transgression on the roads is something motorists have lived with for decades. But in Venezuela the idea of losing your right to drive is a new one – in fact, the cheap petrol-loving country has only just got around to suspending someone from driving.

That someone is bus driver Ramon Parra, whose crowded bus was found to have gone at excessive speeds. Nothing unusual about that, but this was a bus with only three wheels! The fourth wheel is alleged to have been found on board the bus itself, in one of its aisles.

After much deliberation the 41-year-old was deemed to have driven irresponsibly and banned for 12 months thanks to a law that was only introduced in 2008.

We think it might take Venezuela another couple of years to get up to speed with on good road health and safety – but at least it's taken a step in the right direction!

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