Bus driving test games

When it comes to preparing for an advanced driving test, suggesting the potential driver goes online to play some games might not seem the most instinctive advice. Nevertheless, anything that can help develop the mindset of a competent driver, as well as instilling some confidence, can only be a good thing. There are several bus driving test games which are to be recommended.

Preparing for your bus test online

Typical of the bus driving test games that can be played quite effortlessly is London Bus 2. Produced by Excaliber Video games, this simulator exposes players to a wide range of virtual skills which will boost confidence when faced with a real situation.

This driving game allows you to create schedules, as well as change lines at bus stations. You are required to develop a keen eye with the busy traffic conditions, and cope with the demands of that all-important timetable.

Aspects of this type of game which are invaluable to any prospective bus driver include:-

  • - Learning how the Highway Code relates to bus driving
  • - Managing ticket sales
  • - Taking responsibility for your vehicle
  • - Appreciating the cockpit instruments
  • - Coping with different terrain, as the simulator will introduce you to villages, a harbour, major A-roads and country B-roads
  • - Observing the speed limit at all times

The simulator also allows you to get used to different types of bus, including low-floor coaches, articulated buses, buses that travel between cities and airport-style shuttles.

Another useful tool for bus driving test preparation is the Android-app PCV Theory Test. This is currently free to download to your smart device, and includes an exhaistive list of Official DSA revision questions and answers, as well as background knowedge.

Specialist games

The variety of bus driving test games which can be accessed online include Long Bus Driver, which places the emphasis on maneuverability, and many games such as School Bus License based on American buses - the instantly recognisable yellow vehicles. These games allow you to perfect your parking techniques, with your keyboard substituting for actual driving controls.

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