Buy a motorcycle get a free gun

While the US Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday postponed consideration of four bills to curb gun violence and thousands of gun-rights supporters filled West Capitol Park to protest New York's new gun-control law, other Second Amendment advocates that are making money off from sales gimmicks like two–for-one deals, that often includes getting a free hand gun along with a big purchase.

The latest in line, is Ron Pownall of a Pinellas Powersports who runs a dealership out of Florida, and his deal is buy a motorcycle and get a gift card to buy a handgun from Shoot Straight or Walmart.

Pownall got the idea from the number one trending topic on the internet – guns, especially following the horrific tragedy that recently occured at the Sandy Hook Elementary School, that resulted in the death of 20 children and six educators and shocked the world and restarted the gun debate.

Pownall said that the shop has received over a hundred calls requesting information regarding the deal, adding that the timing of the special is good for business.

"We think the timing is awesome," said Pownell. "We like to have the conversation about this because we feel like we're losing our rights, and we want to stick up for that."

This isn’t the first time that motorcycle dealer has done this type of two-for-one offer, it also happened back in 2009 when a Washington state dealer offered customers along with their purchase of a Harley-Davidson came with $500 worth of firearms.

Over the years there have been jewelery storeswho also garnered attention a 'buy a ring, get a gun for free' offer, but there have also been the same kind of deals from satellite TV service dealers, and a company that sold solar systemsthat threw in a free hand gun.

And to think that in Europe, or at least in Italy, to get something free like a simple fuel tank protector added to your motorcycle purchase you have to grovel.

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