Buy an SUV

It's like buying a new coat at the height of summer when there's a sale on – with the sun beating down on you, now is the time to start thinking about winter driving.

Halfords are doing great deals on chains for your car's wheels and ice grips for your shoes at the moment. Demand for winter tyres was up threefold last winter, and a spokesperson for Continental said: 'If you confirm an order in September, you should get your tyres safely in October.'

Now may also be the time to start thinking about getting an SUV. Don't snigger! These cars are not just a country affectation – they can be very useful as well.

The VW Tiguan is a peach of an SUV. You don't feel all high up like you're driving a truck, though your positioning does mean that you have better visibility.

And the whole four-wheel drive thing really does make a difference when you're on country roads where there's ice.

Sales for the model were up sharply after last winter, so it looks like it's the must have car for the coming chill. If you want one, then you should make plans now.

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