The best places to buy new car tyres

For most motorists, the car's tyres are a practical rather than a performance part. They only get replaced when they are worn out and, quite often, we only know they're worn when we take the car in for service. Rather than accepting the garage's price, where can you go to buy new tyres cheaply?

Road holding

Your car's tyres are its only point of contact to the road, so they play a key role in keeping you safe. Braking, steering, accelerating and cornering depend on the tyres and fuel economy is also influenced by their condition.

Road legal

If your tyres are less than 1.6mm deep they will need to be replaced. Failure to comply with the legal minimum could lead to fines of up to £2,500 and three points on your licence for every illegal tyre. A simple way to check the tyre depth is to use the 20p test. All you do is insert a 20p coin into the thread at various points across the tyre's circumference. If you can see the outer rim of the coin, your tyre may be below the legal limit.

Buying new car tyres from wholesalers

Aside from accepting the garage's tyres or buying from a recognised company like Kwikfit or HiQ, you could also check out wholesalers like Costco, who will fit your tyres whilst you shop or Bond International, who supply around 2.5 million tyres to traders each year. Of course, wholesalers won't sell to everyone, but you don't always have to own a business to benefit from their lower prices. Costco, for example, offer membership to professionals like architects, accountants, dentists and opticians.

Buying new tyres online

Online tyre retailers like blackcircles.com and etyres.co.uk offer some of the best deals. If you buy new tyres from a website, they will either fit your tyres at your home or direct you to a local garage that will fit them for you.

Final word

Whether you want new tyres to replace worn ones or specialist tyres for winter, you will often find the best deals online. If you buy new car tyres online you not have to choose from the tyre dealer or garage's existing stock, which will save you money. So as long as you are aware of the condition of your tyres and can work out when they need changing, savings can be made online.

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