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Nissan is a Japanese car manufacture, it is the 3rd largest car manufacturer from Japan just behind Honda with Toyota in the lead. The Nissan VQ engines, have been featured among the World's 10 Best Engines for 14 straight years. Nissan are a big company with big ideas and pride themselves on making quality cars at affordable prices.

Nissanusedcars.co.uk currently have over 3,500 Nissan vehicles to choose from including cars, SUVs, pickups and vans. For a family the Nissan Pathfinder would be the perfect option offering seven seat versatility.

A sportier option would be the Nissan 350z which top gear favoured in a review saying it was an absolutely fantastic red raw two seater coupé with bags of power and rabid handling. Thrillingly,it also makes a noise like a Boxster owner’s nightmare. Nissan has made a properly sorted and internationally appealing sports car called the Nissan 350Z.

They split their models into 4 sections. From the city range the models to choose from include the Pixo, Micra, Note and Cube. The Crossover range includes the Juke, Quasqai and Murano. The 4x4 models include the X-Trail, Navara and Pathfinder. The sports range consists of the 350z roadster, the 370z roadster and the GT-R.

There is something for everyone and with a Japanese car manufacturer you know you are getting a great vehicle as they are famous around the world for their top quality engineering.

Nissanusedcars.co.uk range of used cars are all approved by Nissan so if you buy used nissan deals from there you won't be dealing with a car dealer that might be untrustworthy.

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