Buy Winter Tyres in UK for Winter Driving

Most of us don’t give much thought to the safety of our tyres and the need to buy winter tyres in UK until bad weather hits and we’re stuck out driving in sleet or unexpected snow. When this happens, we inevitably wonder if our ‘all season’ tyres will get us home safely. If you switch over to winter tyres before bad weather season arrives, you won’t have to wonder.

Why You Need Winter Tyres

There is definitely a difference between ‘all season’ and winter tyres. All season tyres are excellent for a comfortable ride and work well enough in rain and light snow, and if this is the worst weather you encounter, they should provide good service.

Winter tyre rubber is specially formulated to work at temperatures less than 7˚ Celsius. The rubber stays supple, and it doesn’t get hard. The tread is also designed to offer better grip and stay attached to the pavement when the weather is cold. The benefits of winter tyres are that you experience less hydroplaining and better grip in snowy, icy conditions.

How to Buy Winter Tyres

Buying winter tyres is not really any different then buying your regular tyres. Simply look for winter tyres. Check the sidewall for “M + S” which indicates use in mud and snow, or a snowflake symbol that indicates that it is a tyre for mainly cold and snow. The tyre size will be the same as your normal all-season tyres.

Where to Buy Winter Tyres

Checking the telephone book for local tyre sellers is a good place to start. Make some calls and do some comparison-shopping. You can also buy winter tyres online. Many merchants include shipping in the price of the tyres. When looking to buy winter tyres online, you may actually find better prices and they will normally ship straight to the shop for mounting or to your residence. You might want to get a jump on the season and look to buy winter tyres in UK now.

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